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Webmaster Bob Howard retires after a decade of service; Society expresses its gratitude to him for his lifelong commitment to the clan

After a decade of serving as webmaster of the Clan Graham Society's website, Bob Howard has retired. Prior to his appointment as webmaster in 2001 by then-president Richard Graham, Bob served for more than 20 years as Membership Vice President.

At the time of his appointment Bob was a member of the adjunct faculty of High Point University teaching in the Computer Information Systems department of the Phillips School of Business.

During his 10-year tenure as webmaster Bob completely rebuilt the site, adding many features such as a pictorial listing of all of the Council members, a general announcement page where members could share their joys and pages devoted to Society membership, genealogy information and articles regarding the history of the Clan Graham.

On his retirement as webmaster, effective the end of July 2011, Bob said, β€œIt has been an honor for me to have served the Society as webmaster. Without a doubt these past 10 years have been my favorite contribution to the life of our Society. As I leave this position I do so with many thanks to all of you who supported the website with your contributions of news, pictures and information.”

Bob added, β€œI ask you now to join me in welcoming our new webmaster, Ekena Parkinson, and I encourage you to give her your full cooperation as she undertakes this important task.”

The Society thanks Bob for his many years of dedication and expertise in maintaining the website. We also ask that members be patient during the transition process.




Bob Howard


Brief History of the Society Website

In the fall of 1996, The Clan Graham News announced the establishment of a Clan Graham Society World Wide Web homepage. Ken Graham from Aurora, Ontario, Canada, accepted the task of establishing the website and making it a major tool for informing the public about the Society and its program. Ken wrote, "Well, it's finally here! A World Wide Web page for the Clan Graham Society has been completed. On it you will find links to tartans, an application form and a list of Society officers. The page is new and there will be some improvements made over time."

In 1999, a change in work location and increased responsibilities forced Ken to give up his duties as webmaster. The Society was fortunate to discover that life member, Charlie Lowe, from Austin, Texas, had webmastering skills and was willing to take on the task of webmaster. Under Charlie's leadership the website grew in content and design. Thanks to his efforts a new domain name was secured and a URL address, ( was established. In the spring of 2001, Charlie resigned as webmaster.

At the 2001 Clan Graham Society's annual meeting in Guelph, Ontario Canada, then-President Richard Graham announced the appointment of Bob Howard from High Point, North Carolina, as webmaster. His official retirement is July 2011.

Ekena B. Parkinson, who is also editor of The Clan Graham News, has agreed to take over the duties of webmaster for the Society. She has migrated the site using a different software and built upon her predecessors' ideas by keeping the brand image consistent with the quarterly magazine (flag, fonts, tartan design, etc.), creating a drop-down navigation menu and embedding multimedia. Wrifton Graham, Vice President of Communications, administers the Members Only site, the Intranet extension of this official and public Society website.