clan graham society

Clan Graham Society returns to Scotland to celebrate its 40th anniversary
and "Ruby Jubilee" at the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 2015 Annual General Meeting in Scotland (July 27-Aug. 8) left a lasting impression on members who were able to attend a trip of a lifetime and celebrate the Clan Graham Society's 40th anniversary. Two poems below were written as a creative memoir of the"Ruby Jubilee" tour.

2015 agm
Photo diary page courtesy of the Press and Journal

The Clan Graham Tour 2015

By Mel and Carole Winthrope
Quesnel, BC, Canada

(With many thanks to Ian, our capable and handsome bus driver; Sheila, our considerate historian and tour guide and Richard and Kate Graham for putting this tour together!).

We’re off for adventure,
In Scotland we trust,
With the Clan Graham tour,
In Ian’s Big Bus.

To the Isle of Arran,
Brodick Castle to see,
Then off to Lochranza,
To taste their whisky.

We had lunch with the Duke,
A very nice man,
He bought the first round,
For the whole Graham Clan!

Mugdock is a ruin,
That is being rebuilt,
With money donated,
By men in the KILT.

We toured, we listened,
We tried archery,
Saw a bull’s eye scored,
By a blind man you see.

A Ceilidh was hosted,
By the Mugdock staff,
We feasted and danced
And had a good laugh.

Next day by Loch Lomond,
On the high road we passed,
On through the Glen Coe,
Where the McDonald’s were last.

Oer’ the road by Loch Ness,
For monsters we watched,
Only humans in boats,
Were about on the Loch.

From Inverness to Culloden,
Next we went,
Where the Clans and the English,
Their fury did vent.

And when it was o'er,
The clans they lay dead,
Leaving English royals,
As Scotland’s new head.

We saw falcons and owls,
And wee Bonnie gardens,
At Dunrobin Castle,
No pictures – no pardons.


We toured the Black Isle,
In a great big black bus,
Turned up a narrow side street,
It caused quite a fuss.

We visited Blair Castle,
The Murrays to see,
Then off to Killiecrankie,
With Bonnie Dundee!

Our hotel, for dinner,
Put Sheila in charge,
Of taking our orders,
A job not so large.

But just when she had us,
All sorted and filed,
They changed the damn menu,
And got her quite riled!

On to Montrose,
Our bus it did pass,
Through very tight spaces,
Our hotel – at last!

Where, after dinner
We got quite a treat,
A troupe of young ladies,
So light on their feet.

They got us all up,
And stomping around,
Don’t know about you,
But I felt like a clown.

Today we took a drive,
Down by the sea,
To find out where Dunnottar
Castle might be.

Standing atop a cliff,
So protected and fine,
Driving away enemies,
Ruthless and primed!

To the Tattoo we went,
Watching dancers and bands,
It was a grand show,
From many far lands.

Edinburgh’s last,
A mighty fine tour,
We’re sad it’s near over,
And Scotland NO MORE!


The Grahams of 2015

By Nancy Klibanoff
Palm Harbor, Florida

We are the Grahams of 2015….
We come from California, Canada, Florida, and places in between!

Our Chieftain and his wife are Graham “royalty” indeed….
They’ve led us throughout Scotland with incredible speed!

There’s brothers and sisters and teachers and more….
There’s nurses and doctors and Sheila who leads our tour!

There’s Ian, our driver, who takes us over hills and streams….
And even makes it back to the pub in time to watch his favorite team!

There’s been castles, dancers, bagpipes and sheep…..
Lochs and battlefields and highlands so steep!

We’ve covered the land of Scotland, with stories of our clan….
Especially those of the Marquis of Montrose, his history is MOST grand!

But of all the fond memories of the things we’ve seen and done….
There’s none so great as the new friends we’ve met and had so much fun!

So, here’s to you, our fellow Grahams, who have ventured out on this tour….
A roast to each of you who now are embedded in our memory for sure!

To ALL you Grahams….Richard, Kate, David, Jane, Alan, Donna, Paul, Genie, Ron, Cathy and Sue….
Hey! Al’s grandfather was BORN here, didn’t you hear? Can’t HE be one of you??

To the extended Haight family, Barrett, Barbara, Heidi, Greg, Trixie and Dan….
You guys are all such fun – I want to be in YOUR clan!

And to the California contingent, the biggest group from any state….
Evelyn, Troy and the boys, Mike and Garth, Bert and Natalie, Jim and Joyce, and Kerry too….
It’s been so great getting to know each and every one of you!

And to Mel and Carol who we all very much like….
But did you hear Mel bowled over a little boy on a bike?

To Ron and Annette and Judy and Doug, you’re all so friendly and sweet….
Even though on Day ONE, Judy and Doug stole our seat!

To Scott, the most popular dancer with the girls and even one MAN….
He made it up the Wallace Monument saying, “I think I can, I think I can”!

To Charles in his kilt getting plenty of looks and stares….
But he just goes about his business like he doesn’t really care!

To Rena and Helen and Donna and Sue….
Two are sisters, and two are not, but you’d never know who!!

To Graham, the birthday boy with the cutest plaid coat…
When you confessed your age that night, we all thought it was a joke!

To Doug Ikelman and Bob Nethery, your company has been great….
Except Al almost fell twice when Bob was our tour mate!

So, here’s to the end of the tour AND to the end of my roast….
I’ve surely loved Scotland, but will miss all of YOU the most!!!!!!