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Failte! "Rioghail agus Maraon" ~ Loyal and United

2020 AGM

Clan Graham Society 2020 Annual General Meeting

On November 6th, Grahams from all over the world will gather in San Antonio, Texas for our Annual General Meeting! Come celebrate our 45th "Saphire" Anniversary of the Clan Graham Society as we enjoy the historic Menger Hotel and just a short distance from the World Heritage Site -- The Alamo. It is guaranteed to be fun and excitement for families of all ages.

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A long left-handed brass and silver pistol date carved 1615, part of the collection of National Museums Scotland Acc. No. M.1932.217, on display in Edinburgh Castle Museum, was I believe one of the 1 st Marquess of Montrose’s principal weapons in his defence of the Crown against the Covenanters in the 1600’s...



This exhibition coincides with the 330th anniversary of the Battle of Killiecrankie, and will focus on the great clans and families of Perthshire, and explore their roles in the Jacobite Risings. In addition to this, the National Galleries of Scotland will be loaning two spectacular portraits - Richard Wilson’s Flora Macdonald and William Mosman’s Prince Charles Edward Stuart. This is the first time these two portraits have been on public display outside Edinburgh. John Graham of Claverhouse will of course feature prominently in this exhibition and given Clan Graham’s further links with this region and with the Jacobite cause, I hope you will consider sharing information about the exhibition with your networks and forwarding to any parties you think might be interested. We would, of course, be thrilled to welcome you to the exhibition and I’d be more than happy to answer any queries you may have about it..

JP Reid

New Projects: Exhibition & Interpretation Officer

Culture Perth and Kinross Perth Museum & Art Gallery, 78 George Street, Perth PH1 5LB

+44 (0) 1738 783415 /

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As members of the Clan Graham Society, we strive to preserve the culture, genealogy, and history of the historic Graham Clan. Through regular donations to the Mudgock Foundation, we help preserve and maintain Mugdock Castle. The officers of the Clan Graham Society have established a special scholarship to encourage and promote Scottish arts and culture. Our clan genealogist helps members of the society research and preserve our history and genealogy. Your donation can help us continue to expand and continue our services! Make your donation today! Donate HERE

News and Notices...

I can’t tell you how proud I am of the Graham’s who run the Clan Graham Society. Its officers and representatives are all over the North American Continent welcoming their kinsmen at Scottish gatherings with enthusiasm. The Society has embarked on a, new to them, way of communicating with their members using emails and social media with all of the challenges that involves. The Society is going strong with much to look forward to considering its planned activities in 2019, 2020 and beyond. Its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2019 will be held during the annual gathering of the Clans at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina, where the Society was first formed by those that gathered around my predecessor, Chieftain Harry Graham, back in the 70’s. This is a spectacular location which all of you who go will see for yourselves. During this event, details of the 2020 AGM in Scotland will be announced. My wife, Kate, and I will lead this trip in late July, early August 2020. It will include people, venues and locations of interest to Grahams going as far North as we can go to the Orkney Islands where we will see locations at which Grahams have had influence. Much of the splendor of Scotland will be included in this trip. Many special locations will be included and as always we’ll be greeted by our friends at Mugdock Castle. We expect to join our Chief, His Grace the Duke of Montrose, at lunch by Buchanan Castle, and once again meet his daughter, The Lady Hermione, to see the location of her mothers, the late Duchess of Montrose, charitable work at the Preshal Trust. I do hope to meet, once again or perhaps for the first time, many of you soon.

In the meantime Kate and I send you our best wishes.



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Richard Graham

Clan Graham Memorial Stone at Grandfather Mountain

Clans that participate in the Parade of Tartans at the Grandfather Games have been invited to purchase a 24 inch square granite stone which will be permanently set in concrete to create an entrance walk at the main entrance to the Grandfather Mountain Games field at MacRae Meadows.

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